Bad car trip

Me and dobiecat had to go to the bad place yesterday.   You know, the one where the strange person pokes and prods you, and they cut your nails and stick you with needles.  I hate it!

The doctor says I lost too much weight, though.  She then said I have small kidneys!  I didn't think that was very nice.  So I got an extra needle and they tested my blood.

Turns out my kidneys are just naturally small, but  my thyroid is hyper.  I guess that's why I'm so sleek and thin.  It sounds like they might make me take a pill or something for it.  I'm so looking forward to that.  But maybe I'll feel better.

I just wish dobiecat would stop growling at me. It's not my fault we went to the bad place.  And then peeing all over me, well, I could have done without that.  He's so cranky.  Maybe there's a pill for that.  A cat can dream, can't he?

The house

For a while, it was cold and all the windows were closed.

Then, all the windows were open and it was nice.

Then all the windows were open and it was warm.

Now, the windows are closed again and it's cold.

I want to go outside. Why won't they let me go outside?


The humans got new furniture. It's comfy. Fun to scratch. Apparently the scratching thing is a problem.


I'm a little black cat. I now have a LiveJournal. mrfantasy never gave me an invite code, giving one to dobiecat, but not me. Now that we don't require invite codes, I got a livejournal on my own.

This new house takes more time to protect. I don't understand the thing my humans brought into the house, it's like a little one of them but different. They sure seem to spend a lot of time with it.